Acceptable Use Policy

This Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) applies to all Attractive.Media Internet subscribers, Attractive.Media business customers, or Web hosting customers in the third party, as well as all others transiting or using Attractive.Media’s network or resources. Attractive.Media reserves the right to modify this AUP at any time, effective upon public posting of the modified AUP at

Here is information on Attractive.Media’s Interim Designation of Agent to Receive Notification of Claimed Infringement: This notification is made without prejudice or admission as to the applicability of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, 17 U.S.C., Section 512(c), to:

Legal Name of Provider: AMedia Holdings, LLC

Provider Address: 1635 Cherry Lane Road – #160 – Analomink, PA 18320

Please read this entire page, as well as your contract or Terms and Conditions as applicable. If you have any questions, please send email to or call our business office at +1 (888) 792-6940 during regular business hours.

IMPORTANT NOTE – Attractive.Media has the right to discontinue service, or deny access to anyone who violates our Policies or the terms and conditions shown on this page WITHOUT WARNING OR PRIOR NOTICE. Attractive.Media customers have agreed to this and other Terms and Conditions by signing our Account Set-up Form, or by using our service. If for any reason you do not agree with the Terms and Conditions or policies shown on this page, DISCONTINUE USE OF YOUR ACCOUNT OR SERVICE IMMEDIATELY and please contact Attractive.Media during regular business hours at +1 (888) 792-6940.

Attractive.Media has the right to discontinue any service at any time for any reason with or without notification. Upon notification or termination of the service it is the customers responsibility to setup, migrate, save all data, etc and transfer to another service provider. Attractive.Media also has the right to change any and all prices and/or term lengths without prior notice. Customer will receive new invoice with the new pricing for their next billing cycle/term. Here is specific information on Attractive.Media’s policy with respect to mass email mailings, multiple Usenet News postings and other mass unsolicited communications – these are all commonly known as SPAM.

The Internet user community does not welcome unsolicited email from any source. This “junk email” is commonly referred to as “SPAM”. In addition to SPAM, multiple postings of the same information to many Usenet Newsgroups and advertising in most of the Usenet Newsgroups are also unwelcome. If you are receiving SPAM, you may be able to set up filters on your email or news reader that will help to minimize the unwanted SPAM. Attractive.Media’s engineering and network operations center has attempted to minimize the quantity of SPAM being received by our email and news systems. Unfortunately, there is no way to totally eliminate SPAM technically, and the laws for junk email are only forming as of today. The best way to deal with SPAM is to simply delete the email or offending message and move on. Never retaliate against a SPAMMER destructively- this will only make the situation worse and your retaliation may be very illegal as it can cause damage to Attractive.Media networks and other networks or systems.


  • Attractive.Media does not allow our network resources to be used by anyone to email or mass-email using Attractive.Media’s mail servers any user or groups of users especially those that have not indicated a willingness to receive such mailings.
  • Attractive.Media does not allow our systems to be used for RELAY from non-Attractive.Media customers or networks.
  • Attractive.Media does not knowingly allow our systems to be used for any activity that is illegal.
  • Attractive.Media does not allow customers or other networks’ connections to consume excessive resources from our systems.
  • Attractive.Media does not allow our customers to use other providers’ mail servers to relay any type of email without the express consent of that provider.

ALL Attractive.Media dial-up, direct connect Internet accounts and customer web pages cannot be used for mass emailing of any type using Attractive.Media’s mail servers. Mass emailing is defined as the sending of any number of messages to random email addresses, or the running of any mailing list, whether or not the list of recipients are willing to receive such mailings. If you wish to run a responsible mailing list of any type, please call Attractive.Media at +1 (888) 792-6940 for information on that optional service. If we find a violation of the above utilizing Attractive.Media’s mail servers, Attractive.Media has the right to immediately suspend that customer’s account without prior notice or warning.


No refunds on any unused portions. YOU MAY PAY YOUR INVOICE BY CHECK, OR, IF NOTICE OF CANCELLATION IS NOT RECEIVED, WE WILL CHARGE YOUR CREDIT OR DEBIT CARD ON THE DUE DATE, IF ON FILE, OR BILL YOU, FOR AN ADDITIONAL BILLING TERM. AMEDIA HOLDINGS, LLC ASSUMES NO LIABILITY FOR ANY LOSS OR DAMAGES CAUSED BY INTERRUPTION OF SERVICE FOR ANY REASON. A cancellation number is provided at the time of cancellation. By establishing a connection to Attractive.Media, you agree to all terms and conditions set forth in writing in Attractive.Media’s brochures, sales literature, installation instructions, web pages, etc.


The subscriber applying for DSL Internet access from Attractive.Media is responsible for all costs incurred in establishing a connection, including any additional telephone charges, costs of data equipment, etc. Attractive.Media is not responsible for any errors or omissions of any information provided to Attractive.Media, by subscriber, in order to obtain DSL service. Any and all networking between the Internet and subscriber’s computer(s) is the responsibility of the subscriber. Attractive.Media’s only obligation is to provide the subscriber with a usable connection to the Internet. Speed and uninterrupted use of the service are not guaranteed. Verizon telephone service is required. If service is cancelled within contractual term of application, a $100 early termination fee as well as charges for usage to date, see contractual rate. Attractive.Media will also recover the $60.00 line activation fee for early termination. Subscriber agrees to keep a current valid credit/debit card on file, with Attractive.Media, at all times and said credit/debit card will be charged upon the due date of future invoices, unless subscriber makes other payment arrangements in advance or subscriber cancels, in writing, prior to due date. Attractive.Media has the right, with NO restrictions, to cancel service if not paid by the due date. In the event of default, subscriber will pay Attractive.Media’s reasonable expenses, including any attorneys fees, incurred in enforcing its right under these Terms and Conditions. If you change your provider of telephone service or there is an interruption of telephone service this Agreement may automatically terminate and all cancellation fees will apply with no refund of unused portions. If account lapses for nonpayment, subscriber may be subject to a $60 line reactivation fee, as per Verizon. ** An additional monthly FUSF/PA Sales Tax/EMR Recovery will be added to your bill. A $12.50 one-time handling fee applies. This access is for single non-commercial, non-server connection. Networking additional computers within the subscriber’s home to share connection is permitted. Three or more computers connected to DSL line will require purchase of a DSL router. ADSL speeds are determined by your distance from the telco switch “up to” the maximum speed of the term (i.e., 768kbps) and there is NO GUARANTEE you will realize the max speed. Actual speed can only be determined after installation of the circuit and there will be NO REFUNDS for any reason, UNLESS it is determined that DSL service is not possible, at any speed at the subscriber’s location after line activation. The monthly fees begin when line is installed and activated, not upon subscriber’s first use. See “Acceptable Use Policies” for additional terms and conditions. All orders subject to final acceptance by Attractive.Media, Inc. Subscriber acknowledges that it may take up to 120 days for activation of service and that Attractive.Media will not be liable for any delays/down time due to previous orders placed on the line listed above or other line conditions. If the subscriber cancels the DSL order prior to activation a $100 early termination fee will apply. This form need not be signed for subscriber to be bound by the foregoing terms and conditions. *** A $30 line activation rebate (where applicable) will be applied after your account has been in good standing for 12 months. Rebate has no cash value, and may only be used as credit towards DSL service with Attractive.Media. *Consult your contract for additional modem sales and rental policies, DSL rates, DSL terms and DSL conditions.


Censorship: Attractive.Media has a policy of no-censorship, either from or to our systems, UNLESS, the information transmitted is illegal or is clearly used for fraud. The “warez” and “crack” Usenet news groups are an example of this. (Attractive.Media does not carry the warez or crack groups).

User Transmitted Content: You are solely responsible for the information you publish over the Internet, either via email, Netnews, your personal web pages, or other service. You must not infringe on any third party’s copyright, patent, trademark, trade secret or other proprietary rights or rights of publicity or privacy. You must not violate any law, statute, ordinance, or regulation. You must not be defamatory, trade libelous, unlawfully threatening or unlawfully harassing. The information you transmit should not be obscene or illegal based upon any Federal, State or Local laws. The information you transmit must not intentionally contain viruses, Trojan horses, worms, time bombs, cancelbots, or other computer programming routines that are intended to damage, detrimentally interfere with, surreptitiously intercept or expropriate any system, data, or personal information.

Account Usage: Your account is for your exclusive and individual use only; multiple concurrent logins of the same account are not allowed. Beyond the fact that allowing others to use your account is prohibited, consider that you become responsible for the back charges incurred by someone else that you have allowed to use your account. For this reason you must protect your account and password as you would any other personal resource such as your telephone or credit card number.

Resource Usage: No communications system has unlimited resources and we expect you to act responsibly when consuming resources on our system. The Resource Usage policy applies to any and all Attractive.Media resources used by our Customers, including the size of your email box. Further, Customers using Attractive.Media Personal “On-Demand” dial-up analog modem or ISDN accounts may not run any servers, such as HTTP, FTP or MAIL, IRC, QUAKE or GAME servers. Excessive concurrent processes or processes which continue after you have logged off are prohibited. Our servers automatically end long idle calls, and during peak times you can expect minimum allowed idle time of at least 20 minutes. Users that stay connected for more than 6 (six) continuous hours may be subject to automatic disconnection. If this should occur while you are still on-line and interactively using the Internet, simply re-dial and login again. No connection may be used for more than 12 continuous hours – this is called “hanging” and Attractive.Media considers this an excessive use of our resources. If you consume excessive resources on our system we may suspend your access at any time without prior notice.

Email Delivery and Sending: Attractive.Media is not responsible for any lost or delayed email if you are using Attractive.Media’s email system. Attractive.Media does not allow the storing of mail on its servers and it is your responsibility to make sure that an email program is configured correctly to download the mail. It is your responsibility to setup all mail accounts for the domain name, or verify that the accounts are setup properly on your computer. Attractive.Media is not responsible for any third parties preventing email to be delivered by or to Attractive.Media’s servers.

Email Storage: It is the responsibility of the Customer to permanently store, save or retain any email messages that are desirable to save and keep. The size of your incoming email temporary storage at Attractive.Media is very liberal but not unlimited in size. Most Customers will never exceed the limits under normal use. However, excessively large temporary email boxes create a Resource Usage problem and violate our AUP. To avoid this, Customers may not use Attractive.Media’s email servers for permanent or long-term storage. Customer Support at Attractive.Media will assist you in configuring your email client NOT to store messages on Attractive.Media’s servers; instead to store those message locally on your computer. Please call Customer Support at +1 (888) 792-6940 for more information. If you begin to have an email box that is too large, you will receive an automatic message that asks you to clean-up (move or delete old mail) your email box. Again Attractive.Media’s Customer Service can help you with this simple procedure. If you ignore the warning message, Attractive.Media’s mail server will stop delivering email to your account until you reduce the size of your email box.

  • How much storage is allowed? At least 5 Mb per email account which is plenty for all normal uses. The email system is purposely designed to occasionally allow you to temporarily exceed this limit for short periods of time. As long as you cleanup your email box regularly, you’ll never have a storage problem.

PLEASE NOTE: the size of your email box is a resource that falls under the Resource Usage policy, above.

Security: Attractive.Media actively and automatically monitors all of our systems for attempts at breaching our security or the security of our customers, or attempts to access systems or resources that are not available for customers to use or access. This is commonly known as “hacking”. Any attempt to access or modify unauthorized computer system information or to interfere with normal system operations, whether on the equipment of Attractive.Media or of any computer system or network that is accessed by our services, will result in immediate and permanent cancellation of your account and may also lead to other legal proceedings against you.



Examples of security actions that will trigger security alarms at Attractive.Media’s 24 hour / 7 day staffed network operations center are, but are not limited to:

  • Satan or port scans, full, half, fin or stealth
  • Vulnerability probing of any kind on any machines or devices.
  • SNMP attempts
  • Mail host relay use or hi-jacking
  • Telnet, FTP, Rcommands, etc. to internal systems
  • Attempts to access privileged or private TCP or UDP ports
  • HTTP access without the use of a Web browser
  • Multiple and frequent Finger attempts
  • Excessive resource utilization
  • Source route spoofing
  • Smurf attacks
  • IP number spoofing or masquerading
  • Forging TCP packets or email header information
  • Syn Floods
  • OOB attacks
  • Password cracking or guessing schemes
  • Excessive email postings (SPAM)

Attractive.Media records the complete session of security breach attempts such as those mentioned above, and will forward this information on to the authorities during our investigations. Attractive.Media takes security very seriously in order to ensure that you and all of our customers can enjoy a safe and productive Internet environment. NONE OF THE ABOVE-MENTIONED SECURITY PROBLEMS ARE EVER ACCIDENTAL, AND NORMAL USE OF INTERNET SOFTWARE SUCH AS BROWSERS AND EMAIL PROGRAMS WILL NEVER CAUSE A PROBLEM. ALL OF THE ABOVE ACTIONS ARE DELIBERATE AND INTENTIONAL AND IN MANY CASES REQUIRE SOPHISTICATED PROGRAMS AND KNOWLEDGE.

Usage: Using Attractive.Media’s network to advertise, transmit, store, post, display, or otherwise encourage illegal activity is prohibited. Attractive.Media will cooperate fully with law enforcement agencies in these matters. Attractive.Media does not allow sites that contain pornographic material or sites that link to pornographic material. Attractive.Media does not permit spamming from our network.

Unlawful Usage: Attractive.Media’s network of information services may only be used for lawful purposes. Transmission of any material in violation of any federal, state or local regulation is prohibited. This includes copyrighted material, material judged to be threatening or obscene, or material protected by trade secret.

Content of Hosted Websites: Attractive.Media has a policy of not knowingly hosting any web site, colocation server or device on our colocation network that contains what is commonly referred to as “adult content”. This includes but is not limited to content that depicts sexual situations, erotic images or content that encourages users to visit a site for commerce of such content. Attractive.Media reserves the right to deny service to anyone or any corporation based on our sole assessment that the content proposed or published violates our AUP. Further, Attractive.Media reserves the right to cancel or suspend any account, without notice, that we judge has violated our AUP in any fashion. Attractive.Media has concluded that “Children are Watching” and it is our responsibility to conduct business in a manner indicative of that statement.

Privacy: While every attempt is made to keep all information passing to and from our systems, and to and from our customers private, you must assume that any information that you transmit or receive may not be private. Attractive.Media does not monitor or record normal usage of our systems. However, Attractive.Media will fully cooperate with any authority in investigation of illegal activity and may turn over logs and records upon receipt of proper orders or subpoenas. The Electronic Communications Act of 1986 and the Telecommunications Act of 1998 contains important privacy and confidentiality information.

Selling of Customer information: Attractive.Media does not and will not sell or transfer any information about our customer base to any third party for the purpose of using that information for marketing or direct sales. Attractive.Media does cooperate with other Internet and communications service providers and may release customer information to those parties in the event of security or credit-related problems.

Responsible Usage: We exercise no control over the content of the information passing through our systems; we only provide access. You must take responsibility for your actions on our system and the systems you access through us. You must comply with whatever rules or Acceptable Usage Policies that are appropriate for the systems you access. If you are offended by information you find on any system, it is your responsibility to avoid whatever you find offensive. You must take responsibility for the statements you make in email, chat, discussion forums, and Usenet newsgroups. If you violate any of Attractive.Media’s usage policies or your actions, whether intentional or unintentional, endanger our systems or another network’s systems from another provider, company or individual, Attractive.Media may suspend your access at any time, without prior notice. Attractive.Media management is the final and sole judge of whether any abuse or violations has occurred.

Customer Connected Networks: Customers who are connected to Attractive.Media through digital connections directly attached to their network (direct connect customers) are asked to make appropriate policy for the users of your network. In all cases, Attractive.Media reserves the right to disconnect any customer connection that is using excessive resources of the Attractive.Media network. Attractive.Media’s security and abuse department will work with all customers to help ensure that proper procedures are employed that limit the possibility of resource abuse.

Attractive.Media cooperates fully with local, state, and federal enforcement officials investigating unlawful behavior on our systems or the systems of others, and has a working relationship with both the Pennsylvania FBI office in Allentown, PA. and the Computer Crime Squad division of the FBI in Washington, DC.

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