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Welcome to Cold Coffee, Attractive.Media’s blog. We create and share in-depth guides for improving businesses using the latest digital marketing & branding techniques with time-proven strategy, while highlighting the personal side of the marketing & development industry and the people behind the businesses we work with. If a cup of cold coffee is sitting on your desk right now because you’re busy making an impact, this blog is for you.

Legal law concept image Scales of Justice and case books on desk
A golden scale on a wooden base is illuminated by a spotlight. Concept banners with copy space for justice, lawyers and court
Legal and law concept statue of Lady Justice with scales of just
Businessman shaking hands to seal a deal with his partner lawyers or attorneys discussing a contract agreement
judge gavel and books. Law firm courtroom, Office space for legal work. Lawyers and judges
Burden of proof, legal law concept image
Geofencing technology. A stylized, miniature city model with a large geo pin prominently placed. The use of geofencing in urban areas for marketing, security, and logistics
Burden of proof, legal law concept image
billboard blank for outdoor advertising poster or blank billboar
Court of Justice and Law Trial: Male Public Defender Wins the Ca

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