Websites & Apps December 10, 2022

Faded Lace

Faded Lace approached us with a vision to enchant their audience, both online and in-store, with an irresistible blend of elegance, charm, and sophistication. Their existing website and brand image yearned for a fresh perspective to mirror the allure of their curated collections.

The website redesign was not just about aesthetics—it was about crafting an immersive journey for every visitor. We carefully curated the visual elements, streamlined the user experience, and incorporated a touch of enchantment into every pixel. The result? A website that not only showcased Faded Lace’s exquisite offerings but also evoked an irresistible desire to explore and indulge.

The response to the website redesign and brand identity transformation has been phenomenal. Visitors are not just browsing; they are falling in love with the Faded Lace experience. The website traffic has soared, and engagement metrics have skyrocketed, painting a picture of genuine connection and resonance with the audience.


We teamed up with Faded Lace to breathe new life into their online presence and create a chic brand identity.

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